TD SYNNEX partners developed new solutions to concur the Hybrid Datacenter market

90 days later… and we have a winner! Or actually, we have 7 winners: 7 partners transforming their future with 7 new solutions.

In March this year several partners started their Practice Builder journey. The goal of the Practice Builder journey is to develop an end-to-end, repeatable and scalable solution.  This time the theme was Hybrid Datacenter. It all started with a 1,5-day workshop, during which TD SYNNEX and vendors (Microsoft, Dell EMC and HPE) discussed different market trends, introduced the partners to the solution portfolio and guided them through the different parts of a business plan. Dedicated to cocreate their own solution together with TD SYNNEX during the 90 days after the workshop, the partners developed a value proposition, made calculations to decide on the pricing and created a thoughtful marketing plan, together with the help of the vendors and a dedicated TD SYNNEX business maker per partner.

90 days later, 7 of them succeeded to complete their offering and presented it to a jury. Eurosys excelled with an innovative solution and a creative go-to-market plan, so the jury declared them winner of Practice Builder Program Hybrid Datacenter. But also Acom, Axians, Appsys, Core ICT, Damnet and Orbid notched up a great track and each created a solution of which you can read the summary below.

The Practice Builder Program is a business development track and part of TD SYNNEX’s “Transform Your Future” enablement program. With this initiative we envision to accelerate our partner’s digital transformation in order to optimize their customer experience.

Do you also want to transform your future? TD SYNNEX can help you! You can discover how in this video.

Curious about the different solutions? Read about them and please reach out to us if you have a question.

Eurosys: eXLA – Trusted Services for a Happy Workplace

Eurosys used the Practice Builder Program to develop a service called eXLA, with which they want to create a secure and happy workplace for companies, schools and governments. The “e” adds a new dimension to a well-known XLA and stands for employee and efficiency, the 2 most important factors in their solution. They focus on the best possible employee experience while providing an efficient and secure workplace.

eXLA is therefore the road to end-user’s digital happiness. It shows users that IT is a benefit and not a burden. Moreover, the price of the solution is partly determined by the satisfaction of the end users, ensuring that Eurosys has the same goals as their customer: ensuring a highly available, high-performance and user-friendly IT environment.

Want to know more? Visit their website.

Damnet: business continuity solution

Damnet’s starting point is their experience with many of their SMB customers in Brussels & Wallonia. They often struggle with poor back-up and replication solutions, which demand a lot of hardware, a lot of maintenance and which are prone to security risks.

Damnet takes care of the complete back-up process, with their all-in-one business continuity solution. The solution provides effortless, cloud-based back-up and restore possibilities, completely secure and without any hidden costs. That way they make sure the business continuity is ensured at any time and this allows for SMB companies to focus on their core business.

Want to know more? You can reach out to Miguel Mendes.

Orbid: move your workplace to the cloud

Orbid combines the power of the cloud with the proximity and customer intimacy Orbid is so well-known for. Mid-sized companies can access enterprise grade cloud and security features, by moving to the cloud step by step. This way they ensure a continuous innovation of their workplaces, making them smarter, more productive and more secure, all at a predictable cost and with the certainty that Orbid is close by to help whenever necessary.

Want to know more? Visit their website.

Appsys: easily add a security layer

Appsys extended their services portfolio and added a new building block: security as a service. This building block is an add-on to their existing building blocks: back-up as a service, patching-as-a-service and monitoring-as-a-service. The extra security layer includes continuous scanning of the network for vulnerabilities, a hacker alert which will monitor your network and react immediately on criminal activity, GDPR recommendations to better comply with the legislation and all these features are visualized in a dashboard to allow the customer to prioritize and remediate when needed.

Want to know more? Visit their website.

Core ICT: Core Protection

Core ICT wants companies to get rid of the idea that back-up solutions are a necessary evil, rarely checked and never updated. On the contrary, they offer those companies a solution which is easily managed and financially adapted to their company size. Core Protection is a fully integrated data protection solution, complemented with a centralized data replication facility, in a pay-as-you-use model. It is managed and optimized by internal ICT resources and as it is all built on the same technology, the customer only needs one tooling set for their own storage as well as for the end users’ storage.

Want to know more? Visit their website.

Acom: Azure stack HCI

Azure stack Hyper Converged Infrastructure is a fully software defined IT infrastructure that virtualizes all elements of the conventional hardware defined system. With this new solution, Acom is moving from ironmonger to solutions architect. It is a co-engineered, validated, tested, certified and integrated end-to-end solution that gives the customer professional and total solution support for compute, storage, OS and networking. The complete solution is T-shirt sized, but can be tailormade for every customer if needed.

Want to know more? You can reach out to Maarten Avonts.

Axians: IT4OT Hybrid Cloud

IT services for OT environments.

Axians developed a factory integrated solution for OT environments. They know that when using OT components, companies need a tailormade IT approach, both in terms of implementation and support, wherever these companies are located. Their solution is pre-tested and because of their standardized approach combined with T-shirt sized offerings, the customer can select and deploy new IT infrastructures very fast in order to support the growth of their OT environment.

Want to know more? You can reach out to Dirk Devoghel.

Questions for TD SYNNEX? Feel free to reach out, we are happy to talk!


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