Why become a ChromeOS Reseller?

Chromebooks need no introduction. In the last few years, they have been on the rise, especially in education. But why are they so popular? Where lies the opportunity? Why should you allocate resources to them? In other words, why become a ChromeOS Reseller?

Built for the Cloud since day one

Chromebooks run on ChromeOS, the Cloud-based operating system designed by Google. ChromeOS is a read-only operating system, meaning that executables can’t be used on a Chrome device. This is why desktop apps can’t be installed on these devices which was often seen as a limitation and a reason not to buy them. Yet times have changed, and the shift to cloud working has accelerated a lot in the past few years. Workers spent more time on web-based applications than ever before. Which makes the benefits of a read-only outweigh the limitations by far. Here is why:


Chrome devices have very short boot-up times. The reason is simple, the lack of background processes because everything runs through the Cloud

Extended Battery life

With the shift to Cloud working, there is no need for energy-consuming hardware which results in turn in a battery that easily can last 8 hours.

Flexibility and mobility

Everything you do is linked to your account in the cloud. Which means that you’re no longer bound to a device. So you can work anytime, anywhere on any device.


No executables make ChromeOS very resilient against ransomware and malware attacks. This in combination with built-in security on a hardware level, sandboxing within the Chrome browser, apps that are verified via the play store, and extra security and monitoring features with the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade makes ChromeOS a very secure solution to work with.

Added services

The shift to cloud-based working is not easy and not done overnight. It requires a step-by-step process that includes readiness assessments, demonstrations, proof of concepts, and deployment services. Once the transition or implementation is done the whole setup needs to be managed, supported, and maintained. These are all elements for which your client will rely on you as an IT provider and where you, as a reseller, can create added value both for your customer and for yourself.

Google Workspace

A key advantage of Chromebooks is flexibility. A customer using M365 is not a blocker, he can simply access his apps and data with a Chromebook. A VDI environment based on VMware or Citrix? No problem, Chromebooks are an even better choice. Employees access their own desktop and business-critical applications simply through the browser.

But if your customer is already going full Cloud then google Workspace is the way to go in terms of a business suite. It contains well-known applications such as Gmail, Drive, Meet, Docs, Sheets, and many more. All are designed to use in a flexible manner through the browser which makes them a perfect fit to use on a Chromebook. As a partner, you can offer these licenses by simply onboarding with TD SYNNEX as a Google partner. 

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

Chromebooks are great devices for various reasons but with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade you unlock extra built-in business capabilities for IT administrators to manage and deploy across their domain. This upgrade grants them access to the web-based admin console, a single console to manage, deploy and secure the whole fleet. Next to 500+ policies the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade grants additional features such as:

Advanced security

Lost or stolen Chrome devices can be remotely wiped or enforced with forced re-enrolment to prevent access to sensitive data.


Chromebooks can be deployed at scale with ZTE (zero-touch enrolment) without any manual interference.

Easy setup

Devices and users can be easily set up into different OU’s with each their own set of policies, apps, and extensions. Devices can be put into kiosk mode for the use of specific kiosk applications.

Flexible access

The Chrome Enterprise Upgrade makes it possible to manage login sessions. Whether it would be via single sign-on or managed guest sessions.

With the sales of Chrome Enterprise upgrade and Google Workspace licenses you as a partner opt into a recurring revenue stream and have access to additional services. If you need more information or help with the sale of Chrome enterprise Upgrades, Google Workspace, or additional services? Do not hesitate to contact me via j.ackerman@tdsynnex.com or +32499128701.

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